Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trust Issues

I knew  I have blogs but I don't have any guts to write it anymore. So many things happen for the past years and now I am utterly the opposite against my 'old' self. There's a lot of factors that made me tough and unbreakable like this but I know deep down inside, I am still fragile.

too much blabbering.

So in order to celebrate my 'comeback', here are 20 facts about me that you might want (or not) to know. Let's start! ............. but allow me to put my ducky face.

1. I have so much trust issues and I trust only God. I know it's a bad habit because of my insecurities.

2. I don't take compliments nicely. I just don't.

3. Having a bad experiences in my previous love life makes me incapable of love. Do I need a theraphy or something? Lol

4. I like hip hop A LOT because it represent my mind and that's another way to diss someone

 *my favorite hip hop ace, Illionaire Gang*

5. I only have less than 10 best friends. Most of them are my elementary school mates. We grown up and doing some shit together. I love you Gold Dragon my bitches

6. Clazziquai's Alex is my IDEAL man. His voice is such an eargasm

7. Actually I am a picky eater. I don't eat peanuts, rujak, asinan, pete, jengkol, nangka, duren, melinjo, you named it.

8. I like tattooed man. They are sexy in every way I could see them. Jay Park and Panagiotis Kone are the best example. So yummy. AND OH, Andre Hamann.
*Is this even real?*

9. I don't read romance instead of young adult. Abbi Glinnes, Laurelin Paige, Jennifer Probst, EL James, Samantha Young and Kristen Proby are my fave author

10. I wish every alpha male in a book world does exist. Sincerely I mean it. Hudson, Gideon, Miller, I will find you and eat you alive

11. Want to move to Seattle to find my own Grey or Caleb Montgomery HAHAHAHA

12. My next destination for vacation is Santorini, Greece.
*Can I just spend the rest of my life in here?*
13. I do love languages. I learn languages by my self without taking a course. So far I fluent in english(ofkors) and Korean. I currently learn Greek and Norwegian at the same time

14. For me British accent is so cool and Boston accent is the funniest one

15. I don't like using my iPhone, the wifi is broken and I am no longer interested using that

16. I don't do romance and I never talked about my love life with anyone except my one dear friend. Because we are on the same page. Hello Mbajeng, I see you.

17. I want to go to Korea. Not for kpop thingy but to attend a hip hop concert. Korean hiphop is totally dope. Shit just got real
 *The love of my hip hop life, Beenzino*

18. I don't give a shit with everyone's shit. It's not my own bussiness. Call me snob, but these are the best way to find happiness. Ignorance is bliss

19. I love CL very much. She's my inspiration, my queen, my role model. Everybody thinks she's snob but once you know her, she's totally opposite

*effortlessly sexy* *bow down*

20. I want to take a selfie with Beenzino and asked Ikaros why he blocked me from his instagram. A greek god of my imagination.