Friday, October 21, 2011

His Love's Bling Bling like LED

I never get addicted to Korean boy band idol like super junior. From my objective, 13people is too much dude. I like their song (just Bonamana) and I know their member. only 'the famous' star in variety show like Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Siwon, Heechul and Shindong. 
I was about to be Hottest but since I read about Taecyeon-Jessica dating rumor, I think twice again hahaha. 

But now I became such a crazy fangirl. yeah, I must admit that I LOVE BIG BANG. once again, BIG BANG. *with echoes* BIIIGGGGGGGG BBBAAAAAANNNNNGGGGGG lmao.

source :

although Daesung is being inactive member, and G-Dragon caught smoking marijuana in Japan. I still have my 3 boys. Seungri, Taeyang and my hottest boy TOP XD

Look what I made from their MV Baby Good Night (by GD - TOP)

picture screen shot by INTAN KEMALA SARI

I never get bored with these hot boys. GD is a charismatic leader. He fits any style. He even wore pink jumpsuit, leopard blazer, pink blazer, uhmmm... any style fits him. and TOP. oh my hell who doesn't even like his killer look? when he stare at you girls... ooohh I am fainted.

And this is the Turn It Up MV...


I am afraid with snake. But if he became my snake charmer, I don't afraid at all. kyaaw >.<

CL 2NE1 and GD. they look good together.

Big Bang, just be strong. whatever happens we will be support you. Can't wait for Daesung comeback next December and GD, i know you just tryin out some marijuana. it doesn't matter for me. you're still young, student. once again, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEE BIG BANG!
here are some MV bonus for you. check this out and you'll how smexy they are.

INTAN-Blackjack and VIP


Hahaha so this is what my friends told me a couple days ago.

Do you still remember the man and I've told you in the previous post? 
My friend said that he's been caught keep an eye to me. stare at me while asking for mineral water. omg this is so epic. I'm not over confident but that's the truth.
And today I attended a substitute class and there was him! And when I looked back to asked my friend, I stole a glance to him and he was stare at me too. what a coincidence LOL XD

Anyway don't take too serious cuz this is just my mood booster..
You (Especially GOD) knows who've been stole my heart for a very long time. :P
HAVE A NICE WEEKEND (though I still have one class to attend and it's tomorrow. sigh!)

Saturday, October 15, 2011


ehm.. ehm...*tes suara* AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH anjir gila yah tugas gue banyak banget buat seminggu ini. 5 dari 8 mata kuliah ada tugas semuah dong T___T

1. Ekspresi Media : Shooting profile, dikumpulin minggu depan
2. Produksi Siaran TV : bikin liputan wawancara, naskah berita, sama liputan siaran buat uts
3. Teknik Reportase : sama juga, bikin wawancara tp lebih ribet deh, auk ah
4. Praktek Radio : bikin naskah siaran, bumper dan kawan-kawannya. siaran minggu depan
5. Seminar : bikin latar belakang judul proposal, bab 1 sama 2 lah intinya. anjdrot.

Rutinitas gue semua terbengkalai; maen game, nonton korea, belajar bahasa, nonton youtube hahahaha.
Dan kayaknya sih ini tugas bakalan berlanjut sampe uts. fiuhhhhhhh.


제가 이야기를 있는데... 제 좋아하는 남자 이직 기억해냐? 그래, 맞아 그 남자.
넌 알지? 난 그 남자랑 이제 좀 친했어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 자기가 제 전화 번호를 물어 보는거야..