Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Foreign Friend


I wanna make a lots of friends from all over the world.
I wanna be an open minded person.
I wanna learn about culture from other country and the way of life.
I wanna be a super crazy famous star.
I wanna be a billionaire like Bruno Mars.
OK, stop blabbering Intan!

I'm so happy that finally I have a new friends. They came from Thai, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, USA, Singapore, Vietnam and etc.
I've told you in the previous post that I made a friends from and have made some observation to my new friends!

1.      Lim Sunjung (임선정 언니)
When I start learning Korean for the 1st time… she was my 1st friends at that time. I struggled a lot and she helps me much. Her English is good. I heard her voice for the 1st time on skype when we had some call conversation. And omg her voice is like a child. Sweet! 언니, thank your for you kindness helping me improving my Korean! ^^

2.      Lee Goeun (이고은 언니)
I met her through too. Edward introduced me to her. She always keep telling me that her English is not as good as the other and she rather shy to speaking English. No no no she’s wrong! She absolutely can speak English. She should be confident. I miss talking with her on skype and her saying “what the heck!” that’s cute!

3.      Lim Woojoo (임우주 언니)
Woojoo Unnie is Goeun Unnie’s best friend. She will study abroad to USA which is I’m so envy!! On the last conversation she and Goeun Unnie hangout together and call me on Skype. I’m so envy lol. Wanna hang out with them and Sunjung Unnie too! 언니들, 내가 한국에 오면 우리 같이 놀자! ㅋㅋㅋ

4.      Kim Jihyeon (김지현 언니)
I met her for the 1st at Livemocha when she corrected my korean submission. She now study abroad in Australia. I hope I could meet her someday even in Indonesia, Oz or Korea. And when I wrote a letter to her and tagged her facebook, she told me that she will reply my letter with the real one. whoa, can’t wait!

5.      Edward
사랑하는 동생!! 색시한 목소리… you can say Edward is my 1st friend on learnkorean chat room. Basically he’s humble to everyone, ridiculous, joker, and sometimes sooooooooooooo noisy!! He has a sexy vibe voice. I melt when I hear his voice for the 1st time but now I become so numb lmao. He actually from Israel and now living in Japan. He imitates TOP’s rapping on Tonight but he failed ROFLOL. yo! “언제부터 였는지!” HAHAHA. Me, Edward, Goeun Unnie, Chris, Zach and Woojoo Unnie made an epic group named 외국시대(Foreign Generation) LOL and Ed is the leader. I know Ed good at Korean but he just being shy. ckckck..

6.      Navin
He’s Thailand and Italian and Hindian and… what else I don’t know. He has a korean girlfriend. His gf is so cute! I saw them through facebook. He’s now learning korean so dilligently. for his gf. wow I touched seeing his effort! I met him on too alongside with Edward. He’s talkative and nice.

7.      Lee Dongeun (이동은 언니)
She’s from Busan. AND SHE HAVE SUPER DUPER CUTE MICKY MOUSE RING! We usually talking together with the others on Skype. She told me that she had a friend who stayed in Jakarta. Oh… I just wish that she come to Indonesia, meet her friend and we can meet too! J

8.      Chris McDonald
He’s American living in Korea. He’s an english teacher. His Korean is really good and he could even made some frustrating korean sentences. I should learn a lot from him. I envy him, in his young age he came to Korea to teach english and living alone. Although I’m no 20 but my parents still didn’t gimme permit to stay one night in my friend’s house. 헐.

9.      Princess Jieun (We should called her Princess. lol :P)
Jieun’s real name is Umi. She from Philippine and SHE HAS A KOREAN BOYFRIEND. 부러워 ㅋㅋㅋ And her bestfriend is a girl friend from 오빠 that I know. Whatta small world. She’s talking loudly when we gather on conference but she’s so so so funny! I even call her 지은 엄마… 하하하하

10.  Kyungmin Joe (경민 오빠)
He’s Edward’s Oppa lol. He live in Melbourne now, study abroad of course. I didn’t have a good opportunity to talk with him bcuz he’s so busy part timing in bar. Oz-Indo have 4 hours different so we couldn’t talk a lot T_T 

11.  Zachary
He’s Vietnamese living in Singapore. He’s currently learning Korean and seems getting a difficult to speaking korean BUT at least he try to speak  korean with us. I appreciated his effort. Even he speak with slow and dictation… *clapping hands* I wish we could talk together with the others on Skype cuz when I called him he always at office T_T

Anyway for you information, I NEVER MEET THEM BEFORE. I only knows them through internet and learnkorean chat room. But I feel that all of them is my friend, my best friend. You might say it’s kinda impossible making friends from internet, that you never meet them face to face. But I did and it works. they are all kind, really helps me, and I really wanna meet them all. I am a picky person but I feel nothing’s wrong with them. 언니들 오빠들 우리 만나야 돼 !!! 

 photo  credit : Navin F Hanvesakul

Improving your Korean skills at TTMIK (Ind-Eng Version)

Hi guys! 안녕 얘들아! Halo temen-temen.

Sekarang ini kan lagi pada demam kpop ya dimana-dimana. Remaja-remaja labil dan non ababil juga lagi gila-gilanya sama kpop. termasuk gue juga sih (tapi ga addict banget). pasti pada suka nonton acara musiknya, realityshow, drama sampe variety shownya juga. 
kalo gue sih paling males baca subs makanya gue sekarang belajar bahasa korea. nggak, gue ga sekedar ikut-ikutan trend biar dibilang eksis. kalo yang deket sama gue dari sma pasti tau lah gue maniak bahasa. nah baru sekarang-sekarang ini aja gue belajar bahasa korea. hampir setahunan sih. belajar sendiri aja, gak pake les abisan mahal T_T 
Nah gue ada info buat lo yang lagi ngebet-ngebetnya pengen bisa bahasa korea, coba deh buka website


Disini lo bisa belajar bahasa korea mulai dari belajar nulis sama baca hangul. Kalo udah bisa baru deh belajar dari level 1. sekarang udah ada 7 level + iyagi untuk yang intermediate. enaknya lagi, TTMIK ini ada podcast sama pdf di setiap pelajarannya jadi lo bisa dengerin sambil baca pdfnya.

TTMIK ini gurunya banyak, dan baik-baik semua. Favorit gue Sun Hyunwoo sama Choi Kyeongeun. gue juga sering ngetweet ke mereka tapi jarang di bales T_T.
kalo gue belajarnya gak ngurut dan gak tergantung level. tapi gue langsung belajar dari iyagi nya *sok* karna untuk conversationnya. iyagi disini 100% bahasa korea semua. eitsss tapi tenang aja. ada text pdf nya kok :D

Dan si Sun Hyunwoo ini bikin untuk chatting sesama anggota TTMIK. dan lo tauuuuuu.. gue dapet banyak banget temen dari chat room ini. nanti gue ceritain di post selanjutnya deh hahaha...
anyway... coba deh buka, seru banget di jamin!



Guys, K-POP fever everwhere in the world! Teenagers are crazy about K-POP (including me, but i am not really addicted). you guys must be like watching drama, film, music program, reality and variety show. well... I'm a bit lazy to see the subs cuz I can't focus to the story. so... I decided to learn Korean! No.... I'm not chimed in trend to be exist. I just love to learn new languages. My high school friends knows me well. So, I almost one year learning korean even though my grammar still mess :p

So I have an information for you who wants to learn Korean, just go to and you can learn Korea for free! that website named TTMIK (Stands for TALK TO ME IN KOREAN) you can learn korean from the start. reading and writing hangul. and if u could read them, go to level 1. there are about 7 level + iyagi for intermediate level. And luckily, TTMIK has a podcast and pdf text for every single lesson! cool isn't ?

TTMIK has many teachers but my fave is Sun Hyunwoo and Choi Kyeongeun. I sometimes tweeted to them but i just got no mention T_T. And Sun Hyunwoo made for everyone who wants to learn korean. there are chat room for communicate and learn korean through chatting. AND I HAVE A LOTS OF FRIEND. thanks Hyunwoo!
Now I'm currently learning through iyagi and translated them into Indonesian :D iyagi lesson is 100% korean but don't worry... there are pdf texts too ;)

So whattca waitin foo? check it out now!! :D

TTMIK Twitter : @TTMIK
TTMIK Facebook :

Sunday, November 06, 2011

after 3 years struggling with myself

i wish i could back to 3 years ago. when i might not know you. when i might not know what internet is. when i still pure and hangout with my friends cheerfully. maybe i wouldn't end up loving you.
loving you is not a crime, it's normal. it came from the deepest of my heart.
loving you is not a sin, it's legal and humanized.
loving you is my choice. if you plead me and asking me to stop loving you, i just could not.
loving you is my choice, even if you're with the other woman WHICH IS better than me.

truthfully this is my first time hold a heartache so long and so deep. never shared it to anyone. just keep it my self, alone and until numb.
this is not fling, it's long lasting. do you think or considering me as a child or hubbub teenage that have crush on you? how come teenage can loving one person for 3 yrs even she knows that her love is unrequited?

i never ask you to love me or to give your affection to me. i never ask you to be my boyfriend, i still have pride.
i even support you to back to your ex girlfriend, and you do that. i smile outside but i feel painful inside. i am a good pretender.

do you know how happy I am when you replied my chat even just a simple words like 'hey, yes, i'm fine' ?
do you know that i always smile like crazy when you ask me "how have you been? what r u doin these days?"
do you know how curious i am stalking your facebook, reading your status update and comment?
do you know how broken i am when i read you're now is in relationship (again) with her?
do you know how excited i am hearing your story about some geek stuff even i don't know at all?

i wanna blame you but i don't have right to. that's your choice to be with her.
i even wanna scream out loud to you, to say what i feel. to say that i really love you even i don't know the reason.
i even still imagine that we are supposed to be together EVEN I know it would be NEVER HAPPEN, even in the next life.

so what i want to do is just erasing you from my mind. if i could. IF I COULD.

To Mr xxx, just be happy. with her.