Monday, April 02, 2012


Hi people! Firstly I wanna say..... IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME!!!!! I just logged in since I've reset all my password. My short term memories is my problem now lol. Since I have tons of social media and I couldn't even remember the password one by one. :P

Okay, so last months (exactly 2 months ago) my besties Siszy went to Korea *envy envy* and we have a Korean friend name Sunjung Unnie. She's so kind, nice, and I usually talking about make up stuffs, gossiping, and much more :P we (me and Siszy) really want to give her a good indonesian stuff so I decided to give her Batik Dress and it suited her very well!! :D

And She gave us some presents too which is I'm very like it!

*I've got a letter too*

*OMG LOOK! It's Skin Malgeum and sample of collagen moistfull from Etude House*
 *Diary, Pen, and sticker* uberly cuteee!

I will definitely use this :)

I've been using skin malgeum for about a months alongside with collagen moistfull. but I read in some article that collagen moistfull is for normal dry skin. So It doesn't suit my acne super oily skin :(

I also told Siszy to buy me some cosmetics from Etude house which I'll be review on the next post.

Now I really totally understand when Sunjung Unnie said "인탄아, 에뛰드 좀 별로야..." lol :D

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