Monday, December 07, 2009


hi tweeple, I really loveeeeeee this LV tribute patchwork! gimme USD45000 and I'll buy it LOL XD.

well, fashion is my passion. I don't care what they said about me. hey, a young fat lady also have their own fashion too! fat people is a human too and they have their own right and freedom. so don't judge if fat people eats a lot and make a big space for sit or anything. being fat is beautiful. as if you see with your heart eyes.
ok, stop talking about fat :P

have you ever heard about looklet?

looklet is a virtual game that you can easily mix and match clothes whatever you want. so many cutie top, bottom, blazer, jacket, scarves, gloves, etc.. so awesome, cute, and adorable. here are some style of mine, hope you like it :D

anyway, please follow me, heart my page and my looks, and give me your comment!

thanks everyone! :D

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