Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hi Tweople ! my mid term exam already done. now I just waiting the result of mine and hope it's a good news. I try to get a great GPA as my mother told me, 3.5 .so high,huh? am I too ambitious ? but yes, that's my expectation. well, let me tell you more about my college. a strategic location near Dharmawangsa and Brawijaya in south Jakarta, Kebayoran, Blok M. my college aren't big like UI, but not too small. for the first time, I never thought that I'm gonna spend almost 4 years in here, because my first aim was Faculty of Chinese, University of Indonesia. but I'm failed. so yes, my mother told me that this is the best choice for me if I wanna be an news anchor like metro xin wen, script writer, or director. I was a bit confuse, my heart isn't into it. But my cousin told me more more and more about this college. and yes I told mom to applied in this college.

My entrance examination doesn't feel so interested. just had a potential academic test, english grammar, and interview. I do mine so fast and half hearted. but yes, I'm accepted. day by day I've been waiting for 3 months more to came and join with this I called 'Senior's event' named MOS. I'm not happy with this event cause I think it's useless and not important. but the more I think, this was great ! I've met a lot of friends and make a new friendship. besides that, the leader of my group is my senior too, his name is Aji and he looks like Fauzi Baadilah. you know I adore Arabian guy! he has a bold eyebrow,oh my gosh I'm melted. I added his FB but he doesn't approve me, so I remove again hahahaha :D

Now time goes by about 4months and I feel so comfortable with my new class. the people are very friendly, warm, crazy stupid, and so easy going. I love you a lot guys !

And.. uhmm.... talking about love life, I have a new crush his name is.... ahahahaha should I mention ? okay, intial DP. I heart him because I usually meet him in a musholla. he's religious one, I adore him. as my mother told me "If you are looking for a guy, please check his religiousness. does he usually pray or not." my heart beat so fast and I suddenly remember about Shah Rukhan, actually he's my prince charm. EHEM ! but anyway, now my heart isn't into him. why why why ? after mid term exam, I had an off class for a week. and on Monday I came to college with beating heart in order to meet him. but, tadaaaaaa..... he totally so dumphead with his piercing in his chin. yucks !!!

ehem okay, maybe that's all about my college life and I'm gonna tell you more! ciao :D


  1. pertamax gan!!! *nyepam

  2. yey... baru pertama main ke blognya intan :)
    ciyee intan.. crush ama siapa tan?? crush apa crash??
    hehe, (firefox kali ah, crash)


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