Monday, February 08, 2010

my aim - travel guide

when I was 5 years old, my family and I went to Europe for travelling. yes, I can't remembered one by one what happen on that moment, but I could look at the picture. Our first destination was London. London is a big city with big dreams (in my point of view, right now. not me as a kid). we visited Madam Tussaud Musseum and walked away around Big Ben.

and our second destination (if I am not mistaken) was Paris. moved from London to Paris by train. had so much fun in Paris. we visited Eiffel Tower and took a picture in the up level, unfortunately, I can't show the original one sooo I really sorry, here's the picture.
I love to see eiffel tower at night cuz it more romantic! hope I could go there, spend the night with my spouse. amin!!! :)

Then we went to Germany, I really forgot what we've done there. nothing really special, I am not curious. and we went to Switzerland, especially Alpen Mountain. the temperature was so damn cold, I've been looking for toilet but, hello! it's mountain! so hard to find.

and the last, we stayed for a while in my auntie's place, in Delft, Netherland. auntie's flat was so pretty with Tulip field in front of her flat.Netherland was very fun and interesting! then we came back to Jakarta after transit at Dubai.

Why I told you about my trip to Europe?
because I love to traveling and socializing, exploring the new culture in different country. It feels so amazing to see the beautiful scenery from other country.
actually this is my aim, my first aim since I was in senior high school. build the Travel Agent with two of my friend, Acong and Evan. me end Acong as a travel guide and Evan as a travel management. sound so nice, huh?
yes and I hope it could be reach according to our expectation! :)

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