Tuesday, February 09, 2010


OH MY OH!!!! playing classic piano almost nine years makes me blind about the other genre of music. every part of classic such as sonata, impromptu, etude, sonatina, and etc had done by me. Then, currently I am so in love with Jazz ! very easy listening and so peaceful yet relaxing. My Favorite jazz singer all the time is Michael Franks I love the song such ass Tiger in the rain, eggplant, hourglass, on my way home to you, meet me in the deep park, and many soon. very fascinating lyrics and can you imagine that my favorite album Tiger in the rain was recorded when I was 3rd grade of elementary school! ROTFLMAO

I do love musicians, especially saxophonist like Dave Koz and Jeff Kashiwa *I wish I have a saxophonist boy friend. amin!!!* for the first I am so in love with Dave Koz, so damn gorgeous and damn hot!!! I love him more than Kenny G hehe.. but when I saw Jeff Kashiwa for the first time, it feels like.. OH MY GODNESS HE'S SOOOOO COOLNESS!! *kinky love at first sight :p*
and he reminds me of my new crush! :D ohhh I live with my imagination hehe

One of the most diverse, in demand sax players in all of contemporary jazz, Jeff Kashiwa finds pure joy at the heart of his increasingly fast-paced touring schedule by reminding himself, every time he gets on stage, that he’s there to do one thing: Play!

Over the last few years, he’s been doing just that to the tune of almost 100 performances annually, bringing his trademark exuberance to gigs with his longtime band Coastal Access, shows across the country with The Sax Pack (featuring fellow genre A-listers Steve Cole & Kim Waters), dates in the U.S. and England with Acoustic Alchemy and others with Chuck Loeb. Last year, he also reunited with The Rippingtons – whom he originally recorded and toured with from 1990-99 – for the group’s 20th Anniversary Tour; he will be joining his former band for many dates this Summer as well. read more

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