Saturday, February 04, 2012

Call me Make Up Addict

Happy late new year 2012! 

I am sorry I didn't write too much.I just finish my final exam and now I'm enjoying (not really enjoy) my one and half month holiday. Actually I really like school holiday season but sometimes I found it not so interesting. I mean, I don't have any plan during vacation so I just stay at home. watching tv, browsing internet, eating, yoga class, gym, and... yeah T_T

I currently in love with Make Up!!! Eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush on, lipstick, concealer, bb cream, any kind of it. I feel I could be a Pro lol! 

So here, I'd like to give you some information. what kind of make up and what kind of brand that I usually use when I'm doing some basic make up. here we go!!! >.<

1. Sunblock base. I use sunblock from my own doctor. It really good to protect your skin from UV. I use this since I was in senior high. 

2. After applying sunblock, I use Missha BB Cream No. 21 all around my face. It helps you to blemishes your skin, acne and black spot. Your skin will looks so clean and fresh. BB Cream (Blemish Balm Cream) is all in one product. 

3. Then, I apply some concealer under my eyes and eyelid. If you want it you can use to cover your black spot or acne. I use La Pensse concealer. bought it at make up store for 42000IDR (4.8USD)

photo credit : dinomarket

4. I thought my base make up is all done. Then for finishing, I use our local (Indonesian  make up product) named Wardah. it's a compact powder and I use the Ivory one. it's so smooth and really good for covering your oily skin. I forgot how much I bought it but I think it cost 27000IDR (3USD) If I'm not mistaken :D

photo source : tokowardah

5. Because of my slanted eyes -_- I used dark color of eyeshadow such as dark purple, dark brown and dark red gray eyeshadow. It really helps me to make my eyes look bigger and vividly. I use Wardah dark brown series and dark purple series.

photo source : kaskus

6. It's eyeliner time. Dunno why I'm so crazy about eyeliner. I have at least 4 different eyeliner. pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, spidol eyeliner and wanna buy gel eyeliner lol >.<
Because I have a small and (almost) monolid eyes, so I really focus with eyeliner. I like black strong eyeliner. with upper lid eyes, I use liquid eyeliner from My Darling (It's really cheap. 11000IDR or 1.3USD) but I am a bit dissapointed. they say it waterproof but when i sweat a little it will smuge. the only way is I have to wait until it dry -_-"

(NOT RECOMMENDED!! the color isn't black at all and get dry easily. even before I use it)

For my under line eye, I use pencil black eyeliner from Pixy (local product) and stardust liquid eyeliner from ELF. Although the waterproof eyeliner doesn't really good but the liquid eyeliner are so amazing!! 

photo source :

7. I'm not a fan of lipstick. everyday I just use lipgloss from Opera. But I recommend Wardah exclusive lipstick no. 33 peach brown. It's a natural color and not make your lips looks so bold.  :D

photos source : natassia journal

8. I seldom use mascara (except for party or special occasion) but I use Maybelline volum express. not reall story --" I prefer use the other one (Magnum Volum Express)

9. eyebrow pencil. not really use it since i still have eye brow :P but I use Viva eyebrow pencil (it's local product and VERY GOOD!!)

10. For the last, I use Body Shop Bronzer as a blush on, shimmering and finishing make up. I mean this bronzer is really helpfull and all in one. It has a glittery powder that makes my face looks shining :D

And this is me exploring make up. lol. 

So that's all about my daily basis make up. Catch you later!! 

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