Saturday, September 24, 2011

10 things about me part unlimited (english version)

I hate when someone’s calling over me and ask me this and that while I’m watching film. I can’t concentrate at all.

  I lick my own spit. For a long time ago, I never pay attention with Korean Drama. And now I’m such a movie freak. Help me! help!

My ideal man: Daniel Henney and Lee Phillips. Such a hottie “Ajusshi”

 I love Korean-American guy or mix blooded guy like Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Lee Phillips, Adrian Lee, Daniel Henney and Ricky Kim. Oh, would you be my collection?!?!

    I challenging myself to be a film director. I have a several script and always imagine scene per scene or sequence per sequence. God, help me. show me Your Way.

This is random. I like to search “cool names” or “unique names” on google and doing some research to find an unique name.

When I get bored, I directly travelling around the world by…… open the google map-street view style. Oh it such an amazing views. 

    I learn Korean and Mandarin at the same time. I find no difficulties. It’s so interesting especially writing session. Fun fun fun!!

   I wish my father were Donald Trump.

I creating my own character look-a-like Tala Elle Samman from MyFashDiary. She’s sooooooooooo pretty. 

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