Tuesday, August 02, 2011


suddenly I feel want to typing about anything. uhm... not anything but some randomness about my almost-perfect life.

all of my exams are finally over. the last was tv announcing stuffs and we all went to outta town done our outdoor exams. here all my hubbubs start hahaha.

for the very 1st time i was so excited and thought that it'll be really fun. and in fact yes, it was. i even meet my crushy-one sided-unrequited love. hahahaha sounds quirky bcuz you know... i never felt this feeling about 3 yrs past after the incident hahaha but ok, i was going to move on. 30% still on progress.

he's kind, not really a good looking but i prefer inside not appearance (seriously i mean, who's gonna love the drop-dead gorgeous man if he's stinky and morons?!) okay next. he's religious and generous. having a good academic and non-academic skills. he was in charged being an artsy people behind the art some stuffs makers. OK STOP I DON'T WANT TO BE........... suspicious hahahahaha. *not only me who feel the same. i even have 2 another friends which was in the same situation as me. okay, hmmm i'm not mentioning you. the secret is save* hahaha

okay so my day outta town was so hectic but i felt happy. stayed in the same room with my crazy mate, confess about each others crush and end up munching noodles in the early morning. like i never do that before hahaha.

so the last day is a shocked day. i was choosen being the queen and I heard that some girls really wished that she were the queen. but sorry bit*ch i stole your crown muahahahaha.

now i have 2 months off during fasting month and thought is gonna be a long boring holiday since i'm not going to meet up. but hey, who the hell will care? like he'll care? hahaha well I'm not suppose to say this but you, yes you is really popping and spinning in my head. husshh hussh go away!

Dear xXx, so if you read this, gimme some sign.

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