Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Elders please don't read

I have several thoughts that keeps popping in my head hahaha. elders please don't read. this is not the things that you might be discuss at gathering. here we are :

1. Talking about families esp big fam not the daily fam, sometimes I think they were too interfering and patronizing a small matters that I can even solve on my own without have to discuss with them.*bee's buzzing*

2. Rookies Indonesian Celebs are just... sucks. uhm, they really didn't good in acting and act like they're superstar that had a hectic schedule. haha man, this is epic shit.

3. Seriously Government we don't need mall. a big huge mall that selling over 100% than the normal price. we'd prefer some open up area like lake with a small park, a park like central park Manhattan (but this is absolutely doesn't work cuz ofkors they don't have enough money to build some park. that's an alibi actually. and some uneducated people will mess it up with a lots of unreadable gravity or 'Jakmania was here' --- bzzz and also littering and spitting. that's a basic indo citizen)

4. I ........ um.. have a crush HAHAHAHA no I'm not gonna explain this further.

5. Anna Wintour and Karl Lag---- i can't even write his name, are really 'ashawl'. why? they HATE fat people. seriously who needs Vogue anymore?!

6. Worship to Jean Paul Gaultier cuz he treat FAT girls as a human.

So, don't go away and still with Keeping up with my messy life. #KardashiansFail

ashawl = ass hole. it's... uhm, british accent (maybe)

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